Croix-Rousse, my all-time favourite. Even though it is technically a hill. And I’m not a big fan of climbing hills in the city.

So Croix-Rousse is the other colline of Lyon besides Fourvière. And it’s the best. I find it difficult to describe the lovely 4ième arrondissement because it just is so many things. Historical and colourful, a village in a metropolis (at least that’s how the Lyonnais see their town), both tiny cobbled streets and open spaces with amazing views. 


Walk through a passage and you’ll likely end up somewhere completely different and surprises await you at every street corner. A Roman amphitheatre, for example. (For those who have read the Fourvière post: Will this become a running joke? I’m pretty sure Lyon has a couple more of these.) Yes, the Lyonnais like to scatter their Roman amphitheatres somewhat randomly, or so it seems.


If you ask me, I wouldn’t miss anything if Lyon just consisted of this part. Except flatland maybe. 
A few things you’ll find in Croix-Rousse:
  • Wall paintings/illustrations – wild ones, sad ones, disturbing ones, whimsical ones. Big ones and tiny. If anyone has more info on the dancing cat stickers, please get in touch immediately. What are they about??
  • The best coffee in town: La boîte à café where they serve the Mokxa coffee from their own local roasting house. It might not be very French, but you won’t find a better one here.
  • A purple restaurant/bar. Not quite sure which. It is purple.
  • Lots and lots of bars.
  • Also, lots of children’s shoe shops. Because it is France, and people need to wear fashionable shoes from the cradle. I’m pretty sure it says so in the constitution.
  • Designers and artisans. Vintage shops.
  • A very big rock. So-called Caillou. It takes 5 people holding each other by hand to encompass it. Just in case you were wondering.
  • Patisseries! (Although those are everywhere. You can’t escape them. You probably don’t want to, anyway.)
  • Gatherings of all kinds.
Picture by my friend Carina
  • Bookshops. 
  • Me on Saturdays. Or any day really.
Picture by Carina

Consequently: Go see Croix-Rousse.




What are your favourite neighbourhoods (in any city) and what makes them special?



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