The internet is full of the most amazing food blogs, they inspire me to try new things, change old habits and creatively work with the things you’ve got. So here’s a little February/March compilation of my favourite new recipes and cooking experiments.

Aspargus time is here, and because I accidentally bought some very pricy aspargus I decided to best use it when it’s fresh and I made this beautiful spring time recipe for an aspargus tarte by Krautkopf. They have great seasonal recipes and I have loved everything I’ve made from their blog. Time to get their cookbook… after all my birthday is coming up…

I also bought an artichoke for the first time and I had no idea what to do with it. If you’re as clueless as me, here’s a useful guide. I made a version of this recipe, and it was nice, though I am not a 100% convinced of artichokes. Also because there’s this huge pile of leftover leaves which seems like such a waste. Though I recentely read on Skye McAlpine’s Instagram that she uses the raw baby artichoke leaves to make a salad. Do you have any advice for me artichoke-wise?

Another really nice basic are these brownies by Alice Medrich on Food52. They are made without chocolate, just using cocoa powder and you wouln’t believe how chocolatey and moist they are. I always like finding those foolproof basic recipes you can always come back to. I actually made them to use up some very, very soft pears and just put them on top and it came out really lovely.

What better to make on a Sunday morning than scones? I haven’t baked any in a long time and found and used this recipe by Top With Cinnamon. Because I’m lazy, I just used lemon zest instead of candied lemon peels though.

And are you on snapchat? Then you can add me, my username’s bilderbaum. I often make videos when trying new recipes or talk about things I find out when researching for uni projects.


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