Amsterdam is one of those cities where it’s really easy to find nice cafés, shops, etc. I still like to have neighbourhood guides, to have a rough idea of where to go and spend some time. So the adresses below are basically all the spots we visited that I can recommend, sorted into neighbourhoods. Plus pictures 🙂

I’m trying to think of how to describe the different areas, but really they are all quite similar and full of wonderful spots to discover, with De Pijp (as already described in my last post) being particulary young and relaxed, with few cars and lots of outdoors seating. In Joordan you have the canals and rather small alleys as in most of the centre. West might be less attractive for strolling because (at least in Bilderdijkstraat) there’s some traffic, but you should definitely go to Wildernis, it just looks magical in there.


Two for Joy Coffee Roasters,



Noordermarkt: organic famer’s market and antique market


De Pijp

Thrill Grill,

De Pizzakamer,

The Meets Eatery, Cornelis Troostplein 3: rustic space, good + pretty breakfast. (they have lunch and dinner too)



Waar, Bilderdijkstraat 57: shop for organic + fair gift items

Rijksmuseum: touristy, but very impressive building + beautiful French style gardens


Lanskroon, Singel 385 (more towards the centre): great little bakery, loved the honeywaffle and apple turnover. and the cat!





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