I’m slowly realising how little time I have left here in Lyon, actually only three weeks today 😮 . I’m definitely going to make the most of those three weeks, and nothing is stopping me. Exept for one last exam on the 19th, the calendar is wide open to tick things off my Lyon to-do list. Because it’s been a little quiet on here, I thougth I’d share what I’ve been doing and what’s ahead.

I had to write a short paper and revise for two exams in the last couple days. As usually, I stressed about it for two weeks not doing anything and then had to cram everything into one weekend. I’m still waiting for the day I’ll finally start preparing in time…


In the meantime I’ve been baking and enjoying the beautiful, beautiful spring weather in Lyon (post coming up soon!).

For inbetween exam anxiety, I made this supereasy, know-by-heart cookie recipe. Twice! If you don’t have one, here you go:

Makes 6 large chocolate chunk cookies:

1 cup flour – 3/4 cup sugar – 100 gr soft butter – 1 egg – ~50 grams chocolate chunks

Preheat oven to 180°C, cream together butter and sugar, add egg, add flour, add chocolate chunks. For 6 large cookies (basically covering a whole baking tray), bake for about 12-15 minutes.


The first of May is celebrated in France by giving ‘muguets’ (lily of the valley/Maiglöckchen) to each other, we had some in the community garden, so I picked a few for my room.

And, I’ve booked two trips for the next two weekends. I’ve been wanting to go there all year and now that time is running out, I just decided to go.

#1: Saint-Malo! I was there four years ago on a class trip, and I love the rough, windy north and of course the sea. Because everything seemed to be booked, I asked the host family I stayed with then, if their room was free, and it was! So exited for the beach, and the cows, and the tiny fisher villages. And the crêpes!

#2: Bordeaux: This was my alternative university to Lyon, and I’m curious to find out what I’ve been missing. Another city close to the sea, in the far west and surrounded by vineyards. Plus, I found a really nice Airbnb right in the city centre! Ooh, can’t wait!

I will of course be writing and photographing travel diaries, which you’ll find in the travel section. And for the live version, follow me on snapchat (username: bilderbaum).

How’s your April been? I’d love to hear all your big and tiny adventures 🙂


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