How do you relax? I often find that even if I have the time, true relaxation is hard to come by. I feel that I need to get away from the everyday things to truly unwind. Away from the phone,  the laptop, the mess in my room and my mind.


I have been practising two strategies to get away. Being in nature and doing yoga.


There’s just something so indescribably majestic in sitting in the middle of a forest under the trees, on top of a mountain or in front of a seemingly endless ocean. Feeling so small on the one hand, but on the other hand an essential part of this universe. Being reminded that you have the same right to be present and living as the bird on the twig or the tree you are leaning on. And without all the noise of your familiar surroundings it is so much simpler to focus on your truth, what you are all about and who you want to be.


Yoga has been a recent discovery for me. I’ve been going to weekly classes for a while but never really managed to practise on my own. Looking for a workout during summer break, I started the 30 Day Yoga Camp on Yoga with Adriene’s Youtube channel (and as many others I can highly recommend it!).

Despite my doubts, this everyday practise gave me the tools and knowledge to continue on my own. I felt insecure at first, but have been improving everyday. I now so much enjoy the fact that I don’t need an instructor or music (though I like it) or a studio to practise. I like to bring my mat to the rooftop terrace, taking in the beautiful view. There’s nothing like doing your final shavasana seeing only the infinite sky.


The way I see it, relaxation, that time to yourself, just takes practise. The kind you can never give up on.

I took the photos during a recent weekend getaway in Waldviertel, Lower Austria.


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