Just two days after returning from the north, I got up early once again to go west. It was a rainy morning in Lyon, so I was happy to leave, hoping for sun at the end of my journey. The bus ride was truly magical, the rainy weather left misty clouds hanging in the lush green hills and valleys, reminding me how many beautiful regions France has to offer.

I was pretty tired when I arrived, a quick stroll around the city center, only steps away from my Airbnb room, and I decided to leave the exploring for the next day.


I woke up to an overcast, but warm city. The center is made up of big impressive buildings in beige nuances, all very well kept, lining the broad streets. To me it just didn’t seem very interesting, so I kept going, all the way to the other side of the river Garonne. There are only two bridges which are quite far from each other, so it’s a bit of a walk. I had a coffee roastery in mind I wanted to visit and I eventually found it at the Darwin Ecosystem, which I want to show you in another post.


The other riverside is completely different, made up of old factories and modern buiding projects as well as wild green spaces perfect for picnicking and the botanical garden. When I finally crossed the other bridge again, my feet were already tired from walking. So I signed up for those city bikes, luckily I had both a credit card and a French phone number. It’s a pity that the system is not designed for tourists, but you could still rent a bike somewhere else, it’s a great way to explore the city.


I cycled back towards the center to have lunch at Le P’tit Chez Moi (46 Rue Notre Dame), a calm spot for vegan/vegetarian food with a friendly owner. The Rue Notre Dame is the the hotspot for antique shops, but also some cute cafés and boutiques. Together with its side alleys it makes a lovely area for a stroll, and has plenty insta-worthy corners to photograph.



I continued to cycle along the river, enjoying the now sunny weather until it was time to go home.



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