The next morning was both a sunday and a holiday, the streets quiet. I took the bike again and cycled towards the cathedral, checking to see if Blacklist (27 Place Pey Berland), a specialty coffeeshop was open. It wasn’t and I continued by foot strolling through the narrow cobblestone streets of the old center, usually buzzing from shopping-obsessed tourists. I found another coffeeshop offering Single Origin (Verde Nero, 24 Rue des Ayres), though they made me sit in the very back because I wasn’t brunching.



Once you leave the main shopping street Rue St Catherine, you happen upon lovely little square, more churches and relaxed village vibes.

Later on, I once again crossed the river to find some hidden spots. I cycled through a pretty and calm neighbourhood, the kind with colourful doors and rosebushes climbing up the walls interrupted by ruins covered in graffiti and twining greens.




A little to late I began the search for a lunch spot back in the center (Note: Have lunch before 3 or don’t be picky!). Afterwards I came back to a pittoresque little square to have ice cream (La Maison du Glacier, Place de St Pierre) and bask in the sun.



I enjoyed the late afternoon sun at the riverside, listening to a street singer. It was such a beautiful atmosphere, quite a large group of people gathered around and took the time to listen to the whole performance. I took a little video of it as well, you can find it here.

The next day I started a little earlier to make use of the few hours I had before taking the bus back to Lyon. I went to see the Basilique St Michel and found a huge bazar-style market selling everything from fabrics to household items. On that same square there was a great bakery (La Boulangerie, 49-51 rue des Faures) where I got some delicious snacks for the busride.


I spent the last hour on the riverside again, peoplewatching, and then said goodbye to my lovely Bordelais apartment.


Bordeaux is a beautiful, diverse, yet underrated city, so I’d strongly suggest you go if you want a French city experience off the beaten path.

Also, I’ve been collecting the snapchat videos of my trips to piece them together and upload them to youtube. I’ll be making one from Bordeaux as well, for now you can find Amsterdam and St Malo on my channel.


2 thoughts on “BORDEAUX – DAY II & III

  1. Bordeaux looks so charming. I love the colors and textures of the city. Even in it’s simplicity, it has so much beauty. It sounds like a wonderful place to adventure.


    1. It’s such a lovely city! Though it’s not a simple as it may seem in my photos (I have a tendency to look for secluded places), there is a number of impressive churches and town buildings as well.
      And thanks so much for commenting once again :*


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