Instagram, Snapchat, blogs – this social media world has been so inspiring to me. How much I realise when I look at all the things I’ve tried and changed lately.

I’ve started to make more and more from scratch and discovered the amazing world of wild herbs. I love the idea of using whatever you find in your garden, park or forest in the kitchen. And the more I read and research, the more it becomes a whole universe of possibilities. There’s so much right outside your front door and maybe that tiny blue blossom in the corner of your garden is the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted or maybe it’s already an everyday ingredient on the other side of the world .


When I saw Local Milk’s pictures of the honeysuckle cordial she makes, I wondered about this flower that seems to be so common in the Southern States and when I came back home, what should I find but two big bushes right in our garden! Had it not been for Instagram, never would I have picked and tasted the pale yellow blooms…


Telling my mum about it, she said that the internet seems to be the new way of preserving old knowledge – and I love the reach of it. Not only can we preserve our wisdom, but share it with a global community.

I photographed the process of making honeysuckle cordial, you can find the simple recipe  here. It’s delicious by the way.





What are you making these days? Do you have any secret ingredients I might not know?


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