I have always thought of myself as a city person. When I dreamt about my exciting future life, I figured it had to happen in an exciting place like a big metropolis. I have been to those big cities, London, New York, Paris. What I love about those places is the diversity, the choice, all the possibilities. But in the end I search for the quiet, hidden corners to find the spots not so many people go to.


Perhaps it was through photography, perhaps because travelling to Northern Norway and the Scottish Highlands impressed me the most, perhaps because I am just older now, but I haved learned to appreciate the no-man’s-land.


When I dream of travelling now, I dream of open spaces. Nature as far as I can see. And the people you meet living in harmony with nature. I feel rooted there because I can so much more clearly recongnise what it takes to live a good life. That it doesn’t take a lot. Give me a rocking chair, sunshine and chirping birds and flowers around me, a coffee in hands and I am happy.


For this reason I booked a little stopover on our journey from France back home to Austria. Close to Lake Constance, in the hills above I found a charming farm house appartment on Airbnb (I’m a huge fan, in case you haven’t already noticed).


From there we could only see one other house, the rest was woods, meadows and some lovely cows and cats. And the snowcovered mountain tops of the Alps in the distance.



We went on little hikes, picked wild herbs and cooked delicious dishes with them. Pet the cats and basked in the sun. Perfectly peaceful.



Are you a city or a country person? Could you live without the 24/7 possibilities of city life?


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