A couple weeks ago, I packed my bags and took a trip I’ve been wanting to take for the last three years. And no, it’s not far away or expensive to get there. Just a three-hour bus ride. It annoys me that I don’t prioritise destinations closer to home. In fact, I often feel that I know other countries better than I know my home country. Why is it that we I seize so many more opportunities when facing a limited amount of time?

Well, I want to change that. So I finally went to visit my friend Franziska in Styria’s capital, Graz. Having a friend who knows exactly what you like be your tour guide is brilliant. I do love exploring on my own, but being led from one cute coffeeshop to the next surely accomodates my lazy nature. And spares you a lot of stress and unneccessary steps.

So here’s my photo diary of this slow-paced weekend for you to be inspired not to wait as long as I did to visit this gem in the south of Austria. Naturally including the best tips from a local on where to eat and what to do.

  • Le Schnurrbart. A lovely alternative café serving French galettes and crêpes with regional ingredients. In the summertime you can sit in the walled garden vis-à-vis. Paulustorgasse 6.
  • Best ice cream in Graz at Eis Greissler in the old town. Or at the shop just opposite. Simply look for the queues out the door. Sporgasse 10.
  •  For the local specialty coffee, go to BUNA. (Buna means coffee in an ethiopian language.) They roast their own beans and offer all the alternative (and traditional) ways of coffee making, including the Syphon, which I’ve never had before. Schmiedgasse 11.
  • Anyone too lazy to climb the hill to Graz’ well-known landmark, the clock tower, can take the escalators in the department store Kastner&Öhler and enjoy the view from the rooftop terrace. There’s also a café/bar up there.


  • Head to the other riverside for even more cute coffeeshops and bars in the Lend quarter. We tested and approved


  • On hot days, or to relax inbetween all the cake-eating find a quiet nook along the river or in the Stadtpark.




  1. Austria is such a beautiful country. I’ve only visited Kleinwalsertal, Austria, because I have an Uncle who lives there. But all the buildings, mountains, and forests are so charming. I really hope to visit there again and explore more of Austria. I’m glad you decided to do some local exploring. Your photos are all so beautiful and it sounds like you and your friend found some great eateries and cafes. I also hadn’t heard of the Siphon until I moved to Houston this past year and visited a coffee shop named Siphon Coffee. It’s neat to see how this type of coffee maker brews coffee. I hope you share more adventures from your local area. 🙂


    1. It is the plan to share more about my local area (to give the local in local&away some significance 😉 ) I already have one or two trips planned, we’ll see what the summer brings… I just had to google Kleinwalsertal – I’m such a bad Austrian, haha 😀 Hope you’re doing well in Houston 🙂


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