The magic of a great coffeeshop is something I’ve been missing lately. I started working at my favourite one in Salzburg, so I don’t really get to go there just for pleasure anymore. When I spent a day in Vienna, I visited three beautiful cafés and enjoyed it so much that I stayed way longer than planned at each. 4 espressos, 1 filter, and 1 cappuccino later I managed to write this on the same evening (could it possibly have something to do with all the caffeine..?) These are specialty coffeeshops, as per usual, which tend to not only have excellent coffee, but gorgeous, thoughtfully designed interior as well. If you’re not sure what specialty coffee is, here I wrote a quick introduction.

  • Balthasar – 2nd district (U1 Nestroyplatz)

Coffee roasted by Wildkaffee, a pretty, customised espresso machine, and that beautiful wall.

  • Süssmund – 1st district (U1 Stephansplatz)

Delicate furniture in an old Billa store, coffee roasted by the owner served in ceramic cups and smooth jazz.

  • Jonas Reindl – 9th district (U2 Schottentor)

Busy, warm space, Süssmund coffee + changing guest roasters (at the moment Bonanza) and lovely latte art.


I already have a couple more on my list, but let me know which other third wave coffeeshops I should check out next time!


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