I love the concept of slow food. Knowing each of the steps that go into a final food product, especially when you do it all yourself. It doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t even have to own a farm or garden. I find it even more special, in fact, when you go foraging in the wild and only you know what kind of magic lies in this leaf or fruit. I wrote a post on that sort of old knowledge a little while ago, if you’d like to have a look.


Now I knew that rosehips were edible, but still I never paid much attention to them. As it happens, they are growing on our garden fence, and I felt inspired to bring them into the kitchen one day. (You may have seen the process in my snapchat story.) I clipped a bunch of them and turned them into jam. You can find the simple (German) instructions here.


And then you have gorgeous dark-red jam, though rather the consistency of apple sauce. A new flavour. In three little jars.


Any foraging secrets you’d like to share? Perhaps some autumn flavours I don’t know?


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