Hello again! I hope January is treating you nicely. I’ve been busy baking sourdough breads, working at the coffeeshop and powering through the last three weeks of the semester. I haven’t really felt like sorting out and editing pictures, so it’s been a little quiet here and on Instagram. I do post on Instagram Stories quite regularly these days (when it’s not -15°C outside and my fingers are frozen within seconds), so you can follow me there for some everyday stuff.

I do enjoy coming back to my blog though, because, even if nobody is reading it, I so love having all those beautiful memories in a curated little space. And looking back on the time I’ve had this blog, I have to say I’m quite proud to have published 42 posts in a little over a year. I want to keep creating these little stories of pictures and words in 2017 and hopefully you will enjoy them, too.

So here goes another one. It was my mum’s 5oth birthday on Christmas day and I decided to take her on a surprise trip to Munich. I booked a lovely little Airbnb within walking distance from the centre and we explored the streets and coffeeshops of Munich. I hadn’t planned it out, so we just spontaneously moved between our neighbourhood, the centre and various coffeeshops.


We took the tram to a market on Elisabethplatz, unfortuntely though the coffee stand and many others were closed on that day. Walking towards the centre again, we checked out the area around the Pinakotheken (museums), the neighbourhood is called Maxvorstadt I believe. What we found were mostly unremarkable buildings and broad streets in a gridiron pattern; I was a little disappointed.

The broad streets and the grand buildings – there are prettier ones as well – is something I found in most of Munich, particularly north of the centre. I made it my mission to find the neighbourhoods that are a little more playful and quirky.


The area around our Airbnb was actually a good place to start. Everything from where the rail crosses the Isar to the edge of the centre (more or less following Pestalozzi towards Glockenbachviertel) is perfect for unique shops, alternative eateries and, surprise, coffeeshops. A good one is Man vs. Machine in Müllerstraße.

On our last day we crossed the Isar to make our way to the Bavarian regional parliament (which is ridiculously ostentatious). I really enjoyed the kind of residential neighbourhoods, where I also found my favourite coffeeshop of the trip: Café Blá. They just opened last October and the place is beautifully designed. It’s really cool that they’re offering a coffee trio –  you can taste the same coffee in three different preparations: espresso, cappuccino and pour-over.

On that day, we also got some sun, strolled along the Isar and ended our little holiday with a wonderfully relaxed train ride home.

If you have any questions, recommendations or would just like to tell me what you’ve been up to – let’s meet in the comments 🙂



2 thoughts on “COFFEE IN MUNICH

    1. Thank you, Karlie! I’m sure you’ll love coming back to your blog posts years from now – I know I will. I’ll hopefully be posting some new travel and opinion posts soon. Would love it if you followed along!


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