This is the first time I’m actually continuing a series on this blog! Post number one of this happened some time about a year ago, so well done, me. The basic idea is to stick all that personal stuff into one category, so it doesn’t clutter my city (coffee) guides.

First of all – happy Saint Patrick’s Day! The only reason I’m celebrating thinking of it is because it brings back memories from my first time living abroad (Dublin!), awkward alcohol consumption and trying to be cool. The one green jumper I own is too warm for today. The problem of not being able to dress up appropriately for “holidays” is one thing nobody promoting a white-grey-black capsule wardrobe mentions. The only red garment I could have worn on Women’s Day would have been my bathrobe.

Alright, let’s have a look at my calender now. I had three uni-related dates/deadlines in the first two weeks of March that stressed me out. That in combination with working too much, questioning some personal choices, period+cold+two weeks of headaches and consequently having no energy to do something good for myself like yoga caused me to experience something I figure must have been a small nervous breakdown. I’m much, much better now, but I learned my lesson.

To further make my lifestyle more eco-friendly, I’m on a vegan diet for the time of lent (I read Cowspiracy!). I’ve also started washing my hair with rye flour (works well) and using a menstrual cup (LOVE!). Let me know if you want me to write more extensively about any of  these experiences.

Some things I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • going to the cinema once a week (I highly recommend Hidden Figures and Wilde Maus!)
  • a Nino aus Wien concert
  • picking wild garlic
  • the first yoga class in a month yesterday
  • friends who’ve been there for me
  • podcasts (The Guilty Feminist, Call your Girlfriend)

I travelled to the north of Germany to visit a friend at the end of February, post about (coffeeshops in) Hamburg and Kiel coming up!

In the course of this semester I will also be travelling to Brooklyn (April) and Brussels, Luxemburg, etc to visit the EU institutions (May).

As you may or may not know, I study Political Science and I’ve been considering including some insights here on the blog. Would you like to read about that? Like populism, women in politics, campaigning on social media, what the EU does??

Have a great weekend! Please leave me a comment on what you’d be interested in reading/seeing in this space!


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